The date is 19 November 1720, and Mary Read and Anne Bonny, both “quick with child,” fear they may be dragged from their prison cells in Spanish Town, Jamaica, and hanged in nine days. They become suspicious when a man calling himself Captain Charles Johnson visits them and says he wants to include their stories in a book he is writing about the most famous pirates of the Caribbean.

My historical novel has two alternating narrators—an illiterate alehouse brat from Plymouth, England, and an educated woman from Cork, Ireland—who explain how and why they became pirates to the mysterious Captain Johnson as they await their fate in their prison cells.

This story is based on the lives of real people. I researched the characters (including Blackbeard and other infamous pirates of the Caribbean), the period, and the settings for 16 years. I am currently seeking an agent for this novel and I am writing a contemporary mainstream novel.

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