Shooting Gallery

Posted on 23. May, 2017 by in Shooting Galley

The year is 2017 and I’m in the midst of writing an autobiographical novel. My main character (MC), as I originally showed him, had eaten and smoked a lot of dope in his home, known as Park Ex. The problem, as I saw it in my public writers workshop, was a dozen dope haters. My MC needed to start doing his dope later in his life, just so I could make him more likable. I also had to show how he became poor, badly step-fathered, educated, artistic, naval, and factory-jailed (whew!) before he became musical, dope-minded and blah-blahblah!

The title of this novel is Shooting Gallery. It also contains a murder! I won’t mention right away who that happens to, but I do want to have my MC associate with or experience that murder. I won’t mention the rest of this story, but I want readers to read about happy, unhappy, and damn well-written moments. Maybe I will drop a few chapters next, but I’m not going to promise any of that. I just want to make a dozen dope haters bite their nails off.

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