A Date with Lily

Posted on 23. Oct, 2002 by in Writing

Telling Stories: New English Stories from Quebec

I’m happy to announce that my 2001 short story “A Date with Lily” has been published in Telling Stories: New English Stories from Quebec [Amazon.ca].

The Canadian sailor looked at his watch and at the sea of laughing Dubliners, their tables overflowing with pitchers of beer. He was sorry he started drinking so early…

– A Date with Lily (JG Lewis)

From Véhicule Press:

These are stories that explore a wide range of human experience from a diversity of viewpoints – infants barely beginning to grasp spoken language, elders awaiting death, strangers in strange lands, and the bored and lonely. This is a collection of short literary tales that deftly juxtapose humour and pain, the quirky and the mundane, the urban and the rural. These new voices also showcase the multicultural reality of Quebec life – the diversity of people who chose to live in this province.

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